Web Design Inspiration 2021: 5 Incredible Websites To Inspire Your Redesign [Video]

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Check out this video that explores some of the best websites to draw web design inspiration from in 2021.

Getting web design inspiration isn't always easy – there are so many websites out there that sometimes it's hard to sift through the mediocre ones and find the stand-out designs. That's why I've taken the liberty to share with you five websites that I'm inspired by in 2021.

The five highlighted websites in the video showcase something unique and exciting and has caught my eye for their slick art direction, polished interactions, or sophisticated, minimalist style.

Web Design Inspiration - Letter

In the video, you'll see the breathtaking website for Letter, a banking experience for 'high-net-worth individuals'. The beautiful, minimalist art direction and skilled utilisation of scroll interactions make Letter one of the sleekest websites I've seen in a while.  

Web Design Inspiration - Sofia Papadopoulou

Jumping over to Greek designer Sofia Papadopoulou's portfolio website, I have to say that I love how she used sound to create a beautiful and serene digital experience that leaves you wanting to stick around and play with the page. It's a good sign when you're enjoying the music so much, you don't want to close the window!

Check out the video below to see the full list of sites to draw web design inspiration from.

Web Design Inspiration - Trends To Engage Users

If you're looking to update your website in 2021, it's good practice to be informed of the latest web design trends to help you better engage your users. Make sure you take a look at this blog post highlighting some of the biggest web design trends in recent times.

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