5 of the Best Webflow Templates and Themes for Startups [2022]

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Take your startup's digital presence to the next level with some of the Best Webflow Templates for Startups in 2022.

As a startup founder, you'll want to present your brand in the best way possible, and one way to achieve this is by creating your website using one of the best Webflow templates for startups in 2022.

What Is Webflow?

For those who don't know, Webflow is a no-code website builder for designers that allows them to create incredible, award-winning responsive websites with memorable interactions and animations. I previously wrote about some of the reasons companies may want to choose Webflow as their CMS, like the visual editor that makes it a lot easier to update content than a platform like WordPress.

While Webflow allows designers to build whatever their brain can dream up, Webflow templates and themes make it simple to create a beautiful website with smooth animations and interactions without needing to create a bespoke website design.

Why Use A Webflow Template?

Getting your company off the ground can be a tough slog with so many things to worry about. You have to build out the product or service itself, create pitch decks, secure funding, find staff, build a social following, design a brand, create marketing materials — the list goes on and on.

Using a Webflow template like one of the five below can help reduce the cognitive load on a founder by giving them an established website structure and allowing them to focus on making their content unique and compelling for the target customer. Let's take a look at 5 of the best Weblfow templates for startups now.

1. Milestone ($79) — Best Webflow Templates and Themes for SaaS Startups

First up is Milestone, the startup Webflow template with "diverse pages, readable content, and unique interactions". The website uses subtle animations, rounded corners, serif and sans-serif font pairings, and quirky illustrations to create a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

2. Core ($79) — Best Sleek Webflow Templates and Themes for Startups

The second Webflow template for startups worth mentioning is Core. Reminiscent of Apple's Airpods Pro website design, Core combines a dark user interface with cool mouse-hover and parallax scroll animations to create a powerful and refined-looking website.

3. Tribe ($129) — Best Webflow Templates and Themes for Quirky Startups

Tribe, the third in the list, is a modern Webflow template for quirky startups and small e-commerce businesses looking to connect with customers in a way that is "equal parts elegance and fun, blending a demure yet approachable corporate look with a happy-go-lucky attitude" that brings Mailchimp's website and brand identity to mind. The template may not be as rich in animations and interactions as some of the others on this list, but what it lacks there it makes up for in its extreme modularity, with over 120 pre-built content blocks from which to build out the website.

4. Salt & Mist ($129) — Best Webflow Templates for Education Startups

Fourth is Salt & Mist, a Webflow template for design-oriented education startups looking to showcase a portfolio of work and sell access to a course. The website communicates that it belongs to a high-end brand with the use of a muted colour palette, elegant serif typography, and eye-catching interactions.

5. Keto ($79) — Best Webflow Templates for Food Startups

Lastly, Keto is a Webflow template for high-end food delivery startups and is a "perfect choice for showcasing restaurant dishes, drinks, desserts and other culinary delights in a beautiful and appetizing manner." The website uses large, clean typography, appetising photography, and interactions and animation to create a dynamic and exciting experience for website visitors.

For startup founders looking for something that speaks more directly to their ideal customers, I offer brand strategy, brand identity design, and bespoke web design and development services using Webflow to build marketing and e-commerce websites.

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