Web Design Inspiration 2021: 5 Incredible Websites In April 2021 [Video]

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Looking for web design inspiration in 2021? Check out these 5 gorgeous websites from international designers worth salivating over!

It's April 2021 and things are looking up! The weather is getting better, vaccinations are underway, and it seems websites are getting even cooler! To kick off the second quarter, I've picked five beautiful websites to draw web design inspiration from in 2021.

In case you missed it, I shared five amazing websites that inspired my web design practice back in January 2021 and now I'm back with an April edition!

This is one of my favourite sites because it instantly engages visitors with an unusual animated text intro sequence

The award-winning websites I've picked for April 2021 continue to make use of the large typography, text animations, image effects and scroll interactions that were catching critics' attention earlier this year. Let's take a look at some of my favourite sites.

Web Design Inspiration 2021: Gabriel Norman

This is one of my favourite sites because it instantly engages visitors with an unusual animated text intro sequence on the desktop website.

I also love the choice of the clean sans-serif typography for titles and the dark background which together create this professional, high-quality feel for Gabriel's portfolio website.

Then you have the page transitions when you click into view one of the projects which are slick and beautiful. Bravo!

Web Design Inspiration 2021: Tangan

Tangan is a French website from web designer Thierry Rolin. Some of the things I love about Tangan are the beautiful photography and videography that adorn the website and the interaction animations when you hover over the logo or a CTA button. Je l'adore!

Tangan was also built with Webflow, a website development tool and content management system (CMS) that provides a simple way to manage a website.

Webflow is great for those looking for an easier way to handle their website compared to powerful but bloated platforms like WordPress. It's the platform I choose to use when building websites, just like Thierry!

Web Design Inspiration 2021: 3 More Websites

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