7 Free Mac Apps For Productivity That Are Guaranteed To Make You More Efficient [Video]


Have you ever copied something to your clipboard only to lose it when you copied something else? Or maybe you don't know where all your time goes? Then check out the incredibly useful 7 free mac apps for productivity that I use almost every day to make yourself more efficient!

Whether you're WFH or heading to the office, one thing remains true – there is never enough time in the day. So I've decided to share with you 7 free mac apps for productivity that save me a tonne of time and I couldn't live without.

Whether you've accidentally deleted something from your clipboard or just need a productivity tool to organise your workflows, the macOS apps in this YouTube video are something every tech ninja should add to their arsenal!

7 Free Mac Apps for Productivity: Clipboard

Have you ever copied something and needed it later, only to find you accidentally copied something else? Or are you the sort of person who needs to collect multiple pieces of info from different sources?

Well, this app is for you! Clipboard has saved me so much time having to go back and find something I copied earlier! It is an amazingly simple but effective productivity app that allows you to store dozens of copied items in your clipboard, allowing you to copy and paste with ease from your history of copied items.

Pro Tip: Head to Settings > Users & Groups > Login Items and add Clipboard to the apps the open when you log in to make sure you never miss a copied item.

7 Free Mac Apps for Productivity: Trello

When I was doing my Certificate in Digital Marketing in 2016, one of the lecturers (Pauline) introduced me to this app and I've been a diehard fan ever since!

It gives you different boards, each one with lists and cards that are incredibly powerful tools in project management, collaboration, content creation, social media planning, mood-boards, sales pipelines, workflows and anything else you might think of. I even have a board to organise my day-to-day life!

You can, of course, access Trello online in a browser, but I find the app is more consistent in terms of performance as I usually have dozens of tabs open at once causing the browser to struggle sometimes, even with 24GB of RAM.

7 Free Mac Apps for Productivity: The Others

For a full list of the other apps, check out the YouTube video below, with links to each of the apps in the description here. And if you haven't already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay updated on new videos I post.

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